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Short Story

Monday, October 31, 2016

Mia’s Special OOTD - Halloween

Hi everybody and happy Halloween! Today, instead of Mercedes, it’s Mia (the one who takes all the awesome pictures) updating you on the best outfits. I know, bummer (but let me just say, I’m twice as cool as Mercedes. JUST KIDDING MECHE). She’s very territorial over this column, so this is a special moment for me. For this special edition of OOTW, I’ll be sharing one super cool costume worn by a Trailblazer today in honour of Halloween. So let’s get rolling!

SPOTLIGHT ON: Matisse Pala
For those of you that don’t know Matisse, I can tell you she is probably the most die-hard Harry Potter fan I have ever met. If you’re ever looking for someone to discuss the series with, go to her. It was no surprise that Matisse would wear a Hogwarts uniform for Halloween this year, but take a look at that thing! She’s got a complete Hogwarts Uniform, with a glorious Gryffindor robe and matching tie. The white collared shirt and black pants bring this whole costume together. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that Matisse was a real Hogwarts Student. This simple Hogwarts uniform is always a great idea for a costume, and pretty easy to create. Not to mention that Harry Potter is TIMELESS and someone will always recognize you. Awesome job, Matisse. Hoping to see you as Dumbledore next year.

Side note: Let us also take a moment to remember that today, October 31st, is not only Halloween, but the day that James and Lily Potter sacrificed themselves to save their son Harry from Lord Voldemort thirty-five years ago. Just a reminder.

Thanks for reading this short OOTD! Tune in for another Outfit Of The Week coming soon. If you spot me and Mercedes roaming the school with a camera, make sure you’re looking your best and you may get a spot in our next article!

Your favourite Ridge Reporter,


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