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Short Story

Monday, January 1, 2018

CommCo 2017/18- The Key Committee for Iroquois Ridge’s Spectacular Events!

Iroquois Ridge is known for hosting some incredible events! From our annual scary movie
night, to the art battle in the street, and ending off with Big Bash as our grand finale.
Needless to say, this school definitely knows how to get its students engaged and excited
for a year round of thrilling events, but have you ever wondered just how Iroquois’ events
become the word on the street? The answer is simple, it's the ridge’s very own
Communications Council, better known by our fellow Trailblazers as, CommCo.
CommCo is one of the main reasons why events such as coffeehouse, assemblies
and concerts are so attentively taken care of and smoothly coordinated. Carrying the weight
of the school’s prime sound system and technology on your back isn’t always easy, but our
powerful CommCo team members are always up for the challenge.

Speaking of team members, let’s get to know some of iroquois’ behind the scene heroes!

Kiara Ambersley: Ridge Council Minister
*Attends Ridge Council meetings so CommCo is accessible to other clubs.

Gene Hoh and Keiran D’Mello: Technical Advisors
*Knowledgeable on all the tech that is set up for school events, also in charge of maintaining a lot of the equipment.

Sammy Edwards: Student Council Representative
*Attends Student Council meetings and communicates between the two councils to accomplish both of their needs.

How does CommCo contribute to Iroquois Ridge and what do you aim to achieve?
The executive members of the CommCo team explained how they are in charge of helping set up almost every event that goes on at the Ridge! Since almost all events needs to have microphones, speakers, etc., the CommCo guys are your go-to-crew! Their committee aims to help all the diverse clubs at Iroquois host some incredible, unforgettable events, by assisting with music, lighting and spreading their positive energy! However, they don’t always get the appreciation that they deserve. So, the next time you’re rocking out to your favourite song in the cafeteria during a school event, be sure to shoot a great smile and give a big thumbs up to the cool kids in the back, behind all the tech supplies, working their magic!

What are you looking forward to the most this year in relation to events and are you planning anything new?
Lots of festive occasions here at Iroquois are all courtesy of CommCo, to name a few we’ve got...Coffeehouse with Student Voice and Green Team, Pep Rallies with Athletic Council,
and of course Halloween Movie Night with Student Council! The annual, Scary Halloween Movie Night hosted by StudCo would not be the same without the famous haunted hallway! Thanks to the all the hard work of CommCo , the second floor hallway you think is nothing but ordinary is completely transformed into the most frightening hallway you’ve ever dared enter! With actual living corpses and mysterious voices coming from all four corners, you definitely feel like you’re the main star in a horror film!
So as you can tell, a lot of the major councils at our school are successful because of this extraordinary team, but CommCo has got a few major events of its own as well! Each year CommCo is known for creating an amazing holiday short film that is shown at the assembly just before christmas break! The film showcases the amazing talents of students here at Iroquois, whether it be the acting, the film crew or the writers, the students at Iroquois love it!

Here’s how you can become apart of this sensational team!
Students at the Ridge can come check out CommCo’s weekly meetings every Wednesday in room 135 at lunch! They can develop tech skills along with earning some volunteer hours by participating in the events! Working together and collaborating is also one of the many skills that can be taken away from being apart of the team! Overall, the meetings sound, as the exec team describes, similar to “Freeform jazz” as meetings are very relaxed and organised. So if you are a fond of technology and are interested in challenges, using technique outside of school and all around just looking for a fun way to spend your Wednesday lunch, then join the CommCo general council meetings and get ready to have some fun!

By Manvi Malik

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