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Short Story

Friday, October 7, 2016

OOTW - September 26 - Jean Week

Fall is upon us, and with fall comes fall fashion - one of my personal favorite fashion seasons of the year. This year, Ridge Report’s new Outfits Of The Week column will update you on Trailblazer trends and what Iroquois students are rocking today. Mia Semeniuk (my trusty photographer) and I roamed the Ridge and found six Trailblazers that we want to applaud for truly slaying the fashion game this week.

Look one:
This beauty totally won our hearts with this Peruvian brown loose top complimented by an Adidas bomber jacket, skinny jeans and these super cute booties that I'm absolutely in love with. She was definitely feeling confident in this and I could tell.

Look two:
I introduced myself to this stunning Trailblazer for the first time to take this photo.
She was so nice and genuine that it made me love her outfit even more. She’s wearing white wash jeans (which everybody should own a pair of) and this lilac shirt which was honestly why I approached her. It has these little triangle cutouts at the neckline that make my fashion heart happy. We also see more booties!!!

Look three:
I’ve met this girl before and her fashion is always on fleek. She’s wearing white wash mom jeans, which are so in right now so don’t judge. Mom jeans are super comfy and I advise all of you to purchase a pair. The fact that they’re an 80’s style coming back helps a lot because it means you can buy them new, or thrift them. She matched it with a simple grey loose tank and she looks fabulous!

Look four:
I am a lady and lady fashion is my forte, but don't get me wrong - I know a good man outfit when I see one. This guy looks super fly with his funky striped t-shirt and fitted black jacket. The thing I love most about this jacket is the zipper placement on the sleeve. I think that’s what sets it apart in the simplest way. Also, the colours of the shirt go really well with the black and I love it. These jeans are a little baggy and it makes him look cool and totally not uptight, but he still keeps his white trainers clean. Appreciated.

Look five:
This Trailblazer was one of my favorite interactions this week. She’s super cute and new to the school, and has a rad style. First, I just want to point out how super crazy happy she looks in this picture. I honestly think she could've been wearing a paper bag and I would have still approached her because her smile is absolutely beautiful. She’s wearing simple black leggings with super cute grey Puma trainers. This green loose tee totally suits her and it’s my favorite fall colour of the season so props to her. But, the best part of this outfit is her jean jacket. It has rips in all the right places and just pulls the outfit together. Also love the simple necklace. Love, love, love.

Look six:
This girl is clearly model material. She looks like she literally walked right off the runway and into the halls of Iroquois Ridge. She’s killing it with these loose high waisted ripped jeans. The way she matched her cotton white tee with these pants and tucked it in really showcases the jeans. Fashion tip: try to wear neutral colors on your top half and make your pants exciting like this Trailblazer did. I feel like pants are underappreciated and sometimes we need to show them off.

I’m Mercedes Clunie, and this was Outfits Of The Week. See you guys next week, where we scope the pinkest Trailblazers. That’s right, it’s pink day next week! Be sure to not ditch the pink game, support your school! If you spot us and think your outfit or someone else’s has what it takes, please let us know and maybe we’ll feature them in our next issue.

Till next time,


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