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Short Story

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Backbone of Iroquois Ridge - The Inside Scoop On Student Council 2016/17

Student Council is one of the clubs that glue Iroquois together. The group of high-achieving students that get together every Monday to discuss our school and its future call themselves StudCo. All the students that work to ensure you are having a good time and a comfortable social experience aren't as appreciated as they should be. Ridge Report recently had an interview to get an insider’s look on Student Council’s duties and goals for this year.

So first off, what are your names and positions?
Shannon Copeland & Ellie Kim - Co-Prime Ministers
Thomas Desmarais, Hanna Rao & Karman Mangat - Deputy Ministers
Cass Zanko & Quinn Goranson - Minister of Promotions
Derrek Chow - Minister of Records
Hannah Casola - Minister of Finance
Georgia Haynes - Interclub Minister
Adnan Shaikh & Francesca Koh - Grade 9 reps
Logan Kieller & Megan Zalzal- Grade 10 reps
For those that don’t know, what is the importance of StudCo?
Student Council is a place for any student to become involved with the school and its affairs. StudCo works to ensure that every Trailblazer has their best experience possible at the Ridge. They organize most of the events throughout the year, such as dances, festivals, and contests. Without StudCo, we wouldn't have these fun experiences that make school a little more bearable.
Though StudCo is not to be confused with Athletic Council, Arts Council or Ridge Council.
According to Thomas Desmarais, Deputy Minister, “Student Council focuses on the school as an entirety. Rather than just the sports part of the school or the arts part of the school, we’re like, the whole school.”.

What does a student council meeting look like?
Student Council and General Council meets every Monday during lunch to discuss and prepare for upcoming events. “Ellie and I, the Co Prime Ministers, we go through the agenda we made the weekend before and we basically decide what needs to be done before our upcoming event and the one after that. So then we’ll determine what executive Student Council needs to do, and what General Council can help with,” says Shannon Copeland, Co PM.

How can other Trailblazers get involved with StudCo?
If you’re someone looking to get involved with Student Council and event planning, it’s not as difficult as you may think. Anyone is free to attend General Council meetings on Mondays, whichever week they want - it’s not a full-time commitment. General Council can be especially helpful for Grade 9s, who can get a feel of StudCo and their duties, to decide if they’re interested in joining next year.

How has Student Council changed you?
By being in Student Council, the members have found that they’ve changed for the better. According to Karman Mangat, Deputy Minister, “Because we work at each event, we have to get the word out. For example, since Megan and Logan are Grade 10 Reps, they have to promote to all the Grade 10s. As you talk amongst the people in your grade, you have to get comfortable with them, so in a way you become more social.” Student Council interacts with the whole school - all cliques, races, and genders.

Which events are coming to the Ridge this year? Any favourites?
Most StudCo members are excited for Glow, an event that had a good turnout last year. They’re bringing back some old events, such as Cookie Grams, but there’s a new event coming to the Ridge this year as well. Shannon didn’t go into much detail, but we know that this is a brand new event that will take place in January, in partnership with the library. Looking forward to it, Ridge!

In conclusion, Student Council is a place where all are welcome and have the opportunity to represent the student body. They put their time and effort into every event here at the Ridge, and we need to appreciate all their hard work. If you want to be a part of the process, come to General Council Mondays at lunch and share some ideas!

Georgia Haynes and Thomas Desmarais hard at work

By Mia Semeniuk and Mercedes Clunie

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