Ridge Report Writing and Photography Contest

This year, you can submit a short story, poetry piece, and/or photography connecting to one of three possible themes. Your options are "Hush", "Bang", and "Click". Be as creative as you want!

Entries will be accepted starting Monday May 1st 2017

The deadline for entering is Friday May 20th 2017

First place winners in each category (short story, photography, and poetry) will have their entry published on the Ridge Report website and will be awarded a prize.

Click on each category to submit and know about the rules and requirements.

Short Story

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dear Dani - November

Hi Dani,

I’ve been trying to get in shape for awhile now, but I can’t find ways to motivate myself to exercise. Help!


It’s so great to hear you want to get fit! There are so many benefits! One great way to get going is to find friends who are in shape to help you through the process. You can go running with them once a week, or even a couple of times, or just grab a soccer ball and head to a nearby park. This is awesome not just to get you working out, but to stay social. 

Another way is to go online and find some fun routines to follow. There are some awesome youtube channels out there dedicated to this sort of thing. Also, try writing a list of all the reasons you want to get in shape, to look back at right before a tough workout. Just try to keep in mind all the great benefits to getting in shape (http://weheartit.com/entry/group/36039668), and the rest will follow. Good luck on your fitness journey, I hope this helps.


Hey Dani,

This semester has really started to pick up, and I’m having trouble getting used to the work load. Any tips?


A great way to stay on top of things is to keep a planner. This helps you not only to keep track of deadlines, and remember what you have due, but also with deciding which assignments are most worth your time daily. I know this is tedious and boring, but depending, it might really help. Another good tip is to do your work right when you get home. This way you know how much time you need to finish and won’t accidently run into the night. 

Or, give yourself an hour, or a half hour to relax, and then start your work. By doing this you also get to finish early and have the rest of your night to yourself. Don’t procrastinate! As Kehal says, if you have ever had him, ‘there is no such thing as tomorrow’! Lastly, try making a study group with people in your class. If you meet once a week or so, it will help you to keep a routine, and stay on top of your work. Good luck, and remember to save time to relax.


Hey Dani

My teacher goes through lessons really fast, and I’m finding it hard to keep up. Help?


I’ve been through the exact same thing, and I know how frustrating it can be. Don’t give up! The first thing you should do is ask your teacher to slow down the lessons a little bit, I know it can be embarrassing, but you’re likely not the only one in this position, and teachers don’t usually mind. They tend to go through lessons quickly because if no one stops them, they just assume everyone is getting it. If this doesn’t work, you can always go in during break, there are usually teachers to help. 

Or, if you have a friend that is doing well in that subject then you can ask them for help. If neither of those help, try asking your parents about a tutor, there are some really smart peer tutors at our school for convenience. The best thing to do is to stay on top of your work, and ask lots of questions. Hope everything works out.


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