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Short Story

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What do Teachers Think About our Future

Hello people, this week I decided to see what a few of the teachers think about the students. In a future with such diverse issues as climate change, cyber terrorism and vaccine resistant super diseases. Do they think we can handle ourselves?

My first question was essentially; do we pay attention to the major issues, and the short answer was no. The longer answers ranged from the lack of media coverage, education, focus, and overall that we simply don’t care enough about these issues. We all know, who celebrities such as Brad Pitt are, but who knows what the UNODA organization is? It stands for the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, these are the people getting rid of the weapons capable of mass slaughter e.g. atomic bombs. Another question is simply can we adapt to the roles we will need to fill, many of the Teachers said that we would but as Ms McCutcheon put it “I think it will take some big changes in politics and how corporations are run...I tend to be an optimist, I think change will happen, but it will only happen after there has been some huge disaster. Could it happen, yes, will it be too late, possibly”.

The world we live in has changed drastically in the past decades, our generation has never lived without some level of computer technology, when asked how technology has influenced our lives Mr. Butler said “I think that it’s normal for people your age to not be too concerned about global issues, I mean  the odd person is but most of the time the main teenage preoccupation tend to be immediate, mainly my friends, and that’s normal. Access to information and distractions cause a warped understanding of things, instead of 1 reliable source or 2 reliable sources for information, you now have 25000 maybe unreliable sources for information. Blog posts on personal takes, who knows who these people are..it’s just opinions. is that valuable, I don’t think so. You have so many distractions so it’s really hard to form a real opinion”.

The world has changed and so humanity has changed, the teachers seem to think we will be able to solve the problems that face the world but we must first learn to focus on the task at hand, to care about the world we live in, and realize that we have to act soon. Finally when asked which song best represented this generation the most, “Shake it Off” by Taylor swift, and “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin were selected.

- think what you will

Taran Bhartt

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