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Short Story

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Honor Society Ceremony 2015

Every year, Iroquois Ridge celebrates the academic achievements of our students, in the form of inspirational speeches, certificates, and mini muffins. While some vouched to sleep in during the collaborative morning of Oct 22nd, many students and their families gathered in the Gym to listen to speeches of academic success, given by a few of our very own students.

Hosting the ceremony was Jovan Sahi, and representatives from each grade included Alvin Leung, Ananya Manvik Aneja, and Alessia Collia. The honours celebration is a tribute to our students, for their hard work, perseverance, and passion of learning throughout the school year. To quote Alessia’s speech from the ceremony:

 “The true merit in our success is not only that we excelled in our areas of strength, it is that we triumphed over our areas of weakness”

Following the ceremony, students either followed their parents, or their stomachs, as they dispersed toward the street to receive their certificate of achievement, or towards to cafeteria, where the breakfast was held. The breakfast consisted of a wide variety of mini muffins, fruits, cookies, juices, and coffee, generously displayed for student, parents, and staff to enjoy.

This annual celebration was yet again a success, just as the students of Iroquois Ridge are, and will continue to be. If you did not get a chance to collect your certificate, you can go down to the Main Office to pick it up.

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