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Short Story

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ryerson Play Day 2015

Interact's mission every year is to give back to the community. After another year of upholding the Rotary motto of Service Above Self, Interact closed off the 2014/2015 school year with its final event, the Ryerson Play Day.

Ryerson Public School has long been associated with the Interact club at our school. Every year, Interact organizes events for the kids at Ryerson, such as the Ryerson Snack Drive, the Ryerson Toy Drive, and of course, yesterday's Ryerson Play Day.

At the play day, Interact members went to Ryerson to organize an afternoon of games and activities for the children. The games included Hot Dog Tag, Octopus, Drip Drip Drop, and Over Under. The students at Ryerson were broken off into ten groups which rotated through the stations. The snack station included juice and Chewy Bars for every kid, which helped them relax after enjoying the energetic games Interact set out for them.

Shout out to the Interact team for organizing such a great day for the children at Ryerson. Special thanks to Ms. Patterson for guiding the team through the whole process and Jayson Yan, the Ryerson Chair on the Interact Team for organizing the event that closed off the year on a strong note for Interact.

Photo credits to Ms. Patterson

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