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Short Story

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Pros and Cons About Fastracking

To fast track or not to fast track- that is the question.

For those who don't know, fast tracking in a high school context means to take a course in a higher grade. Fast tracking is done by a lot of people, but there are both pros and cons that can both aid and harm your education.

The main drive behind fast tracking is maximizing your education. And then the entire feeling from taking a course from a grade level higher than yours- it feels good. But the ramifications can be disastrous. What a lot of kids fast tracking don't realize is that they may not just be going forward- they may be going backwards at the same time. When a Grade 10 student takes a Grade 11 course, they have only taken 7 grade 10 courses and an extra Grade 11 course. You still have to make up for that grade 10 course. However, a good way to avoid this is to take summer school. Wait! Before you exit this page out of disgust, hear me out. While the concept of summer school is rather off putting (what nerd does that?), it really is the best way to fast track if you plan on taking that route through high school. But once, you get it done, it opens up more options for you in high school. You can take an extra course from your grade you weren't able to fit in your schedule before or if that's too mainstream, you can fast track without worrying about make up a course later. Fast tracking allows you to explore new possibilities in your education and make the most of your 4 years here. Not to mention it makes you feel smart.

On the down side, there are a few repercussions from fast tracking. Accidentally skipping a required course for graduation is one of them. Then the entire concept of taking summer school probably isn't the way most would plan to spend the July month. However, a myth most people have is that taking a course a grade level higher than yours would be harder. This isn't true. As long as you take the prerequisite, you will be no less prepared to take it then you would next year.

Ultimately, there aren't enough cons to outweigh the pros to fast tracking. The additional opportunities and the chance to expand your education shouldn't be deterred by the idea of summer school and the common misunderstanding that fast tracking is hard. All in all, it depends on your ideals, but for those seeking to maximize their education in 4 short years of high school, fast tracking is a route I would recommend.

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