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Short Story

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Frozen is a Warm Tale

Despite the chilly title, Frozen is a heart warming animated film set in a fictitious town of Arendelle. Loosely based on the Snow Queen, a fairy tale by Hans Anderson, the movie is set in the medieval times of a fairy tale and is premised exactly like a fairy tale, but more deep than a simple children story. The premise revolves around two sister princesses, Elsa and Anna. Elsa, the elder sister and the primary heir to the throne has elemental powers of ice, which are often dangerous and result in her being withdrawn and afraid of human company, for fear of harming someone. In contrast, her sister Anna is very bubbly and cheerful, hurt by her sister's cold withdrawal, thus striving for human company. The drama of the story is centered on the dangers of Elsa's powers  and the contrasting attitudes of the sisters. When the sisters get in an argument and Elsa loses control of her powers and flees leaving behind a frozen Arendelle, Anna must embark on a journey to find Elsa, bring her home, and undo the damage. But Anna also wants to bring her sister back and try to talk about the hidden secret that has come to light.

Frozen is a computer animated film, using the marvelous technology its sister company Pixar made, to fully use the graphics to their potential. The result is stunning visuals, with an amazing color splash and perfect capturing of the beauty of winter. The movie doesn't take advantage of its pretty front to cut down in the storytelling. The visuals are not a mask, but more of an enhancement of the script. The film uses the fairy tale format to reach to children while balancing drama, romance, light-hearted fun, and humor with masterful precision. Children and adults alike can sympathize with Elsa's noble solitude, crack a smile  at Anna's feisty personality, and laugh at Olaf the snowman and comic relief of the movie. The film is also a musical, featuring many songs that instantly ingrain themselves in childhood memories. With vivid visuals, strong storytelling, and musical numbers, Frozen is an instant classic. 

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