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Short Story

Monday, March 3, 2014

86th Academy Awards

The Oscars have been running for 86 years, since the dawn of movies first hit the world. Nowadays, movies are a major staple of life in first world countries. And since movies first received popularity, the Oscars have been awarding them for their success. It is now the dream of movie studios to get an Oscar award, which symbolizes excellence and recognizes its work as one of the best films of the year. In recent years, the Oscars' choice of films may not match the taste of the general audience, but it is undeniable how many watch the Oscars anyway, even if their favorite movie is not nominated. The year is not over in the the movie world until the Oscars cap off the season and only then is the next year of movies truly here. Last night, another such event concluded the year of 2013 movies and ushered viewers into 2014. In case you missed the Oscars, here is the list of winners to catch you up.

Best picture- 12 Years a Slave
Best Actor in Leading Role- Matthew McConaughey
Best Actress in Leading Role- Cate Blanchett
Best Actor in Supporting Role- Jared Leto
Best Actress in Supporting Role- Lupita Nyong'o
Best Animated Feature- Frozen
Best Cinematography- Gravity
Best Costume Design- The Great Gatsby
Best Directing- Gravity
Best Documentary Feature-20 Feet from Stardom
Best Documentary Short- The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life
Best Film Editing- Gravity
Best Foreign Language Film- The Great Beauty
Best Make up and Hair styling- Dallas Buyers Club                                                                                       Best Original Score- Gravity
Best Original Song- Let it Go from Frozen
Best Production Design- The Great Gatsby
Best Animated Short Film- Mr. Hublot
Best Live Action Short Film- Helium
Best Sound Editing- Gravity
Best Sound Mixing- Gravity
Best Visual Effects- Gravity
Best Adapted Screenplay- 12 Years a Slave
Best Original Screenplay- Her

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