Ridge Report Writing and Photography Contest

This year, you can submit a short story, poetry piece, and/or photography connecting to one of three possible themes. Your options are "Hush", "Bang", and "Click". Be as creative as you want!

Entries will be accepted starting Monday May 1st 2017

The deadline for entering is Friday May 20th 2017

First place winners in each category (short story, photography, and poetry) will have their entry published on the Ridge Report website and will be awarded a prize.

Click on each category to submit and know about the rules and requirements.

Short Story

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Riding the Coaster

Life is a roller coaster
A twisty, turning run.
Exciting it is
Full of moments of fun

Though it is not always an enjoyable experience
Sometimes it goes too fast for my taste
The ride is out of control
And everything seems to fall in its haste.

In those moments, I feel that everything has crumbled
The ride is unappealing beyond repair.
These moments are the worst
And they are unfortunately not that rare .

At these times,
I have choice to make
I can either pick up the pieces and try to fix it all
Or I can cut short the ride I hate

But eventually I bounce back
The coaster goes back up
I learn that not everybody wins all the time
But eventually I will leave the failure's dump

The ride will then be enjoyable
It will reach a peak
Where I'm at the top of the world,
I think, "How could this life have ever been so bleak?"

Then the coaster goes back down,
I'm back at the bottom.
Everything repeats,
Again I climb back up the totem.

As this pattern of success and failures continue
I see the truth
Both will come, but both are beneficial.
All in all, life is a hoot

Eventually, I grow weary,
I've lost the flavor of life
I think I see the ride's end
It is my time.

I do have to leave the coaster
And let the next generation enter the ride of life
Let them experience the twists and turns
All the fun in happiness and even strife.

As for us riders,
From the previous generation?
We have gone on to the next ride in the park,
one with just as thrilling sensations.

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