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Short Story

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Second Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles Crossover

Last year, author Rick Riordan released the crossover between Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Kane Chronicles, both penned by him. The short story was titled the Son of Sobek (here is a link to our review of the Son of Sobek- http://ridgewordonthestreet.blogspot.ca/2014/02/son-of-sobek-review.html). Although, the story garnered positive reviews, the story felt incomplete, and fans were expecting a follow up to that story. They got their wish. On Valentine's Day, Riordan announced a second short story to follow the Son of Sobek, titled the Staff of Serapis. This time, however, it won't be Carter Kane and Percy Jackson taking center stage again. The spotlight falls to Annabeth Chase and Sadie Kane. Last year's story was lacking the female characters, and this is their moment to shine together. It will be narrated by Annabeth Chase, as it was a Kane who narrated last time. The story can be expected to be quite different in dynamic, with the cooler heads of the girls most likely leading to less conflict. The banter will most likely be unique from the Staff of Serapis's predecessor's, but still be engaging as the author himself said "Dang it was fun to write the dialogue between these two!"

For those eager to buy, note of caution: This is not a full novel and won't be adorning the bookshelf at the nearest book store. It will initially be released as a bonus story in the paperback version of the Mark of Athena on April 8. For those who have already purchased the Mark of Athena, it will be released later as an e-book that will include an audio reading by none other than Rick Riordan himself.    

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