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Short Story

Monday, February 17, 2014

Being Friends With Boys (Book Review)

Being Friends With Boys - By Terra Elan McVoy
Book Review

The refrain featured on the cover is "these things can get complicated." For high-schooler and veteran girl amongst the guys, Charlotte that's exactly what she finds to be true.

Though at first glance the book may seem like a fairly standard 'fluff' novel, McVoy provides an engaging and down-to-earth storyline for readers to embark on with narrator, Charlotte manager and song-writer for her friend's band.
The story immediately begins with startling news for Char, one of her best friends Trip had suddenly left their band Sad Jackal. Drama ultimately ensues. She scrambles to find new replacements, and she is surprised to find that one candidate seems to have the potential to be more than just a bandmate. For Charlotte, the window of her life that we see, is a crucial time of growth for her. She is gaining new friendships, developing important relationships, recognizing valid friends, learning to let go, and ultimately finding herself and her voice. McVoy offers readers a variety of diverse and interesting characters. Including Charlotte, our seemingly shy but down to earth narrator, her family, entourage of boys, classmates and a few others along the way.  The story is a sweet representation of friendship and romance, one of my favourite bits being the notebook that Charlotte and Trip share as a running correspondence. They switch possession between classes and read each other's entries. The rest of the story is riddled with similar heartwarming moments, perfect for a feel-good read.

The story is a true-to-life portrayal of simply being friends with boys though high school. McVoy weaves a light story with insight and humour as we experience all of Char's ups and downs. Being friends with boys is the Bible of "Just being friends" and "being more than friends" as any girl who is surrounded by boys knows is a mammoth task to keep in check. All in all it is a truly enjoyable YA novel full of teen angst, hormones, drama and romance - As if we didn't have enough of our own.

By Alessia Collia

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