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Short Story

Thursday, April 5, 2018

A super-exclusive Pink Day interview with this
year’s junior football team

For the first time ever, our Ridge Report team interviewed a super hyped IRHS Junior Football team on their thoughts about the Pink Day football game. 

The Ridge's own junior team on Pink Day!

Here's what they had to say.

Uhhhhh, wait. What exactly was this Pink Day game about?! 

Well, as an introduction, the Pink Day football game was a special event held on October 5th, 2017, at the Ridge, to support and honor all the strong women battling breast cancer all over the world; and those that have successfully recovered from it.

The Pink game is a special way of bringing the students of the Ridge together for a good cause, comparing itself to the likes of the Terry Fox run, which too, is organised for a similar purpose.

We spoke to a few players of the Junior team.

Interviewing members of the Junior Football Team

When asked on how they felt about playing a game and bringing the school together for a respectable cause, Daniel Ramzy (Center, #55) said: “It feels great to be able to represent the people who suffer from breast cancer. We’re all doing this for them”.

Another teammate, William (Linebacker, #59), was eager to play. “It’s great to believe that we can bring everybody together for a positive impact. It feels amazing”, he stated.

The team was super excited for their game, against rivals M.M.Robinson High School. 
We could feel the energy flowing between the players, and it was great!

“The atmosphere’s great, the boys are all hyped. After watching the seniors play, we’re ready to take the win today”, said Andrew Toscano (Halfback, #41).

In conclusion, all of the proceeds collected during the Pink Day event here at the Ridge were donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Society. Call that a grande success, all for a great cause!

On behalf of Ridge Report, this is Vedang Kawadkar, signing off. See ya soon, lads!


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