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Short Story

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Night In Hollywood - IRHS Semi Formal

In only two days IRHS StudCo will be hosting this year’s semi-formal, A Night In Hollywood. To get some more details we talked to members of StudCo and asked all about the night. The old Hollywood vibe is an interesting choice and we wondered why StudCo chose it. Angelica explained, “Hollywood is a versatile theme, that really allowed us to do anything. The possibilities are endless in terms of ideas for decorations which we think truly is the essence of Semi-Formal. The inspiration came from the love for movies which so many of us have, we thought we could really bring to life the experience of attending an award show or gala”. The very
iconic theme brought up another key question that many students have had for StudCo; Should guests dress for the theme? The members of StudCo told us that, “outfits that correspond to the theme is a creative idea, of course the theme is there to provide a sense of atmosphere for the night, guests are welcomed to base their outfits on the theme but it is not mandatory or enforced that way. We want everyone to wear whatever they like and feel comfortable in.”

The event will be hosted at Otello's Banquet Hall and we wondered what types of exciting events guests could look forward to throughout the night. Kevin told us that there would be “some pretty intense decorations this year, we really went all out (hint hint we will be rolling out a red carpet!), our very own photo op banner and a few more things. You’ll have to come to Semi to see!” Kevin went on to add some comments about the music as well as give us an inside scoop on attendees, saying, “we'll also be taking song requests for the night, that way everyone is happy-happy with the music! I hear some IRHS celeb couples will be making a cameo for the night (#dendy)” When questioned about possible surprises, he merely told us, “surprises? It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you!” Understandably, many people are very excited for the food that will be served at the hall. Olivia and Kevin explained that while the menu is “top secret” and cannot be divulged, anyone with allergy concerns or special food needs should let Studco know.

IRHS’s semi formal is always a great time, and members of StudCo eagerly shared with us their favorite parts of the semi tradition. “My friends and I love dressing up” Olivia shared, “the photos always turn out great, but more importantly the event is always super fun.” Angelica followed up saying, “my favourite thing about semi is being able to hang out with my friends and eat delicious food, there’s nothing better than combining those two things.”

Semi this year is sure to be a particularly exciting event, telling by StudCo’s enthusiasm. When asked to rate their excitement on a scale of 1-10 all responses exceeded said scale. Olivia gave us an excitement level of 100 saying that, “I am super psyched about the food (which is always crazy good and edible for those with food restrictions) and pumped for the music, which will be on point this year (thank you Comm. Co!)” Angelica agreed with Olivia’s disregard for the scale saying, “I don’t think there is a number on that scale that would accurately represent my excitement towards Semi-Formal. It’s gonna be live.” As you can see, this year’s semi formal dance is not one to miss.

Overall, StudCo expressed completely that this year’s semi is going to be a great event that all guests should be looking forward to. “Semi 2K16 is for the people by the people,” Angelica told us, “StudCo has worked super hard to figure out what would make Semi truly enjoyable for everyone. There are many fine details and decorations that have gone into making this event, and we wanna give a special shoutout to all of the teachers who is making this possible for us! And to the students, get ready for a wild night of fun!” Olivia responded in kind, telling us, “This semi will be amazing. We’ve worked super hard to make sure everything goes perfectly and we can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve put together!” So, what can we look forward to for this year’s semi? We think Angelica put it best, “ GREAT music, beautiful photos, and a night [guests] will never forget with their friends.”

By: Alessia Collia

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