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This year, you can submit a short story, poetry piece, and/or photography connecting to one of three possible themes. Your options are "Hush", "Bang", and "Click". Be as creative as you want!

Entries will be accepted starting Monday May 1st 2017

The deadline for entering is Friday May 20th 2017

First place winners in each category (short story, photography, and poetry) will have their entry published on the Ridge Report website and will be awarded a prize.

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Short Story

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Worlds You Can't See

The Worlds Nobody Can See

There is a world nobody can spy
it's not under the ocean, nor above the sky.
It's right on a Earth, like France or Australia,
but it's filled with strange plants, fish and mammalia.
There are no people, well no humans I mean,
The people are flightless birds that are tall, black and lean.
Covered in fine fluff the birds look like apes,
except with beaks the colour of grapes.
The birds leap through the trees with strong arms and legs,
looking out for anyone who'd want to hurt their eggs.
The birds have primitive houses in the canopy,
where they make wooden tools, this seems like a fantasy.

It's not i swear, I knew you wouldn't believe me,
but what about the world that's been drowned by the sea.
An Earth where the land is a few islands here and there,
the people are crabs, I'm not making this up, I swear.
Sculpting the corals into ornate temples and towns,
a complex city of strange sights and sounds.
Crabs of different shapes, sizes and builds,
each type organized into specific guilds.
 builders, workers, hunters and police,
all serving an emperor who keeps the peace.
A world where crabs build cities and cultures,
almost as absurd as a world of vultures.

A world where Earth is dry and dying,
the only big creatures that can survive are flying.
Traveling from place to place they live of what little there is,
living with the motto what's mine isn't his.
a desert world with giant termite hills,
giant bats against vultures with razor sharp bills.
Cacti and tough grass live off what little water exists,
Earth is still suffering a global drought that persists.
A single continent dominated by sand,
Earth's geography seems awfully bland.

Each world I've described is real, honestly,
each one's a parallel world with a different ecology.
Whole worlds created by a fun little quirk,
quantum mechanical implications that make your mind go berserk.
A Multiverse exists of infinite planets,
each one unique with it's own mechanics.
Each world has it's own story and history,
so many wonders, each one a mystery.
Earths where there is no moon in the sky,
Earths where not birds but jellyfish fly.
Planets where life uses acid not water,
Planets where volcanoes made the climate much hotter.
Worlds where the the sun shines a different colour
Worlds without life where days are much duller.

But how do we know about worlds we can't see,
but  if you saw the math I'm sure you'd agree,
reality is strange, but that makes it fascinating,
so many possibilities that are so interesting.
So whenever your bored, take it from me,
imagine a world that nobody can see.

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