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Short Story

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Interact Spaghetti Dinner 2015

The IRHS Interact team is always looking to make a positive impact on the community. Every year, the team holds various initiatives, ranging from holiday craft shows to the international service trip. But perhaps Interact's biggest event is the annual Spaghetti Dinner, and last night's may have been the most successful yet.

This year's Spaghetti Dinner was held in support for Doctor's without Borders, to aid this international organization in combating the Ebola crisis. Ebola is plaguing much of the world right now and by serving dinner for over 150 people, Interact was able to raise a lot of money for the cause. 
The night itself was certainly an enjoyable one. The menu included salad, bread, apple blossoms, and of course, spaghetti. There was also a wide array of drinks, including water, tea, coffee, and juice (orange, raspberry orange, orange pineapple, strawberry banana, and grapefruit). All the food was delicious and was honestly one of the best meals I've ever had. The guests were also treated to live entertainment from Ridge's most talented, which helped keep the light, pleasant mood. Interact members were swooping all over the place, serving food, performing, and keeping the evening running smoothly, while guests mingled and had a nice evening to kick start the long weekend.

But none of it would have been possible without the generosity of many people. All the food was donated by various donors and without any of their help, the evening could not have been as successful as it was. The donors included Whole Foods (spaghetti noodles), Cobs (buns), Longos (sauce, water, and napkins), Gay Lea (cheese and butter), Sobey's (juice and lettuce), Metro (salad croutons), Giraffe (salad dressing), Malabar (salt and pepper), Tim Horton's (coffee, tea, milk, and sugar), Chudleigh's (apple blossoms), and Macgregor's (meatballs). Without their generous donations, the entire night wouldn't have been possible. Last night was also a success thanks to the cooks from Liaison College, who prepared all the food and provided everybody with a mouthwatering meal. Their food was delicious and everybody who attended, volunteer or guest, enjoyed it. Special thanks to Ms. Patterson, the staff supervisor of Interact, who had guided us through all the preparations.  

But perhaps the biggest thanks should go to Donna Messer. Donna is not only responsible for this Spaghetti Dinner, but helping the IRHS Interact team organize the dinners from previous years too. She was a mentor and guide to everybody on the team and she will be missed. Last night was dedicated to her as a thanks to all that she has done for us. 
Last night's Spaghetti Dinner is possibly Interact's best yet. The food was top notch, the performances were amazing, and the event ran without any hiccups. It was also a successful fundraiser and a warm tribute to Donna Messer. It's a valuable high school experience and one that I would recommend everybody at our school to attend in the following years. 

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