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Short Story

Monday, December 8, 2014

6 Essential Winter Style Basics To Stay Warm, Cute and Stylish For $20or Less

Here in Oakville we have already seen our fair share of snow, but as December begins it is officially time to jump into our wardrobes and pull out all of our winter gear, but don’t fret! I will be your sugar plum fairy and supply you with all the help you need to make your winter ensembles perfect (and perfectly priced!).

Jewel and earthy tones are classic winter colours, among this year's favourites: red, burgundy, navy, chocolate, charcoal, black, emerald, and creme. Be sure to apply these to all of the style tips listed below.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.38.05 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.36.43 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.37.54 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.37.25 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.38.25 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.37.11 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.36.59 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.36.29 PM.png

Yup. I used to hate wearing these in elementary school, but this year they are a huge trend, and are actually super cute when paired right. This year, cropped turtlenecks, knit wooden turtlenecks, and a-line turtlenecks are in. They can be worn underneath a longer sweater or wraps, or as a stand-alone piece with a statement necklace.
Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.51.45 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.55.54 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.57.12 PM.png
Aeropostale $5.99               Forever21 $17.95         Forever21 $18.80

As it gets colder, tights and socks as are a necessity. Thick opaque nylons, or cotton knit tights can not only be super warm, but super stylish and are a must in winter months. You can layer them with knee-highs and other cute socks to get a warm look.
Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 5.50.18 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 5.50.36 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 5.50.42 PM.png
  H&M $12.95    H&M  $14.95 Aeropostale $8.00

Yeah it's freezing. And though most fashion bloggers take pictures from the comfort of their closets, Many of us have to walk to school, therefore layers are a Canadian girl's best friend! From tees and sweaters to scarves and button-ups. Try playing with patterns, colour, contrast, collars, and texture to create perfect layers that add interest and dimension to an outfit not to mention much-needed warmth.
Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.11.52 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.08.16 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.06.56 PM.png
Aeropostale $13.95 Aeropostale $15.80 H&M $17.95

Patterned knits:
Scarves, sweaters, hats and mitts. Patterned knits are a classic that graces every holiday season. But whether you prefer a simple cable knit or a bright reindeer pattern this tradition is definitely in vogue this winter.
Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.51.14 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.24.24 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.26.32 PM.png
Aeropostale $16.00  H&M $17.95 H&M $19.99

As the holidays approach parties will become regular occurrences. A perfect glam accent to any outfit this season is glitter. Glitter should be met with some contrast, weather it’s an accent or a focal point the key to sparkles is not to over-do it. Can't wait to see all you beauties sparkling at the semi formal!
Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.38.06 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.42.22 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.46.36 PM.png
Essie $8.50 H&M $14.95 H&M $17.80

Make sure to add your own fashion-sense, and unique twists to create styles perfect for you. Now you are ready for a delightful December filled with flawless style!

For more fashion inspiration check me out on polyvore http://alessia-collia.polyvore.com

By: Alessia Collia

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