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Short Story

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Facts About Victory Laps

      If you are considering taking a victory lap to better your grades, or just to give you another year as a trailblazer, there are some things that every student should know about the effects of a second go on your post-secondary education - they may just change your mind. 

     There are many reasons a grade 12 student would like to take another year at IRHS. Since the abolishment of grade 13 many feel that students are too young for university or college. Others may want another year to bring up their marks on one or all of their classes. Others require more credits for university or college programs. Despite the reason, the pros and cons of a victory lap must be weighed before your grade 12 year. 

     High school victory laps have become increasingly popular in Ontario, in 2007-2008 students over the age of 19 made up 3.7% of all secondary day school enrolment. Though, the trend may not be beneficial to your post-secondary path. It is important to look at what you want to be doing after high school even before grade 11. Even if you can't pinpoint your path yet, effort has to be your default mode. This is because universities may not see a victory lap as a victory. The University of Toronto's director of admissions, Merike Remmel says, "They won't consider, at all, students who have repeated, unless there are extenuating circumstances." This is true for the most competitive courses such as engineering and mathematics. A victory lap does not stop all progression, but narrows choice of school and program, which may not be ideal for everyone’s career goals.

     Lots of students feel stuck, either not having the grades, or the certainty to peruse a university major, they may proceed with a victory lap. This is not the only solution, some students decide to enroll into college and bring up their marks and experience other programs before entering university. This bypasses the hindrance that a victory lap could cause when indeed you would like to peruse a university degree. Despite this, if a victory lap is needed - it's not the end of the world. There have been success stories. Students who have taken a go at grade 13 can still have a chance at entering a competitive post secondary program.

       It's important for all students to know the implications of taking another year of high school. Putting your best effort in before crunch time will help leave you confident in whatever path is right for you. Make sure you talk to your school guidance councilor throughout your high school education so a victory lap doesn’t leave you in last place. 

                                                                                                                                    By: Alessia Collia 

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