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Short Story

Sunday, March 13, 2016

5 Things To Binge Watch Over March Break

March Break is upon us, and with it is a whole week of uninterrupted free-time, and what better way to spend that free time than finding a great show to distract you from your family and friends. So get ready your laptop and prepare to stream/download/pirate at least one of the following 5 shows.

1. Steven Universe

From crystal monsters to love songs, Steven Universe follows the adventures of the Crystal Gems, magical alien superheroes who protect the Earth from all manner of enemies. The series excellently balances sophisticated emotional development with hilarious jokes and crazy scenarios such as shape-shifting cats, zombie crystals, laser-light cannons, and killer fry mascots. Steven Universe is filled with memorable and unique characters; it approaches tough topics such as self hate, loss, and love, all through the eyes of young Steven. If your kind of show evokes simultaneous feelings of sadness and joy then Steven Universe is for you.

Gotham is the total opposite of the Steven Universe; it is a bloodthirsty origin story for the world of Batman and his rogues. The show follows Jim Gordon, a rising cop who with his seasoned partner Harvey Bullock, attempt to fight the seemingly unstoppable forces of crime and death, all the while trying to stave off the seductiveness of corruption. Gotham is fantastically violent; death saturates the series from the equally likeable and hate-worthy Penguin to the numerous villains that crawl out of the woodwork to terrorize the city. This world is so evocative of crime in the 1930’s; it has gangsters and mob wars highlighting the instability of Gotham, but with a mixture of comic book insanity. This show is addictive, if you're looking for a series which pits cops against psychopaths in a gothic superhero world, look no further than Gotham.

Gotham exists in a world falling apart, yet Adventure time is truly post-apocalyptic, while at the same time containing a form of creativity found only in children and maniacs. From candy people and ice wizards to bass playing vampire queens and genius (fascist) bubblegum princesses, Adventure time chronicles the adventures of Finn the (last) human, and Jake the (magic) dog. The land of Ooo is a world where anything is possible, and the writers of the show are able to exercise incredible levels of imagination. Every 15 minute episode offers something new, some episodes are non-stop roller-coaster rides, while others are calming tales, regardless each one serves to develop excellent characters and complex relationships (Holly Jolly Secrets and I Remember You are especially poignant). A show unlike any other, Adventure Time is definitely one to check out.

From left to right: Phoebe, Joey, Monica, Ross, Rachel, and Chandler
Friends is one of the few shows that entertains my whole family, unlike the other shows on this list it doesn't involve sci-fi monsters or crazy super-villains, just the lives of 6 friends in 1990's New York. Friends is a 10 season comedy show following the lives of 20 something year olds as they navigate through careers, relationships, marriage, divorce, monkeys, smelly cats, sexy Italians, and Tulsa Oklahoma. A show that set the stage for many comedies today, Friends is a series that I've watched many times, and if you watch it you'll get to see all the comedy and drama that is Friends.

What happens when you mix a sociopathic scientist, his teenage grandson, a total lack of morality, and a multiverse of sci-fi possibilities... simple, Adult Swims' Rick and Morty. The series is one big wild ride, with genocide, depression, nihilism, and family balanced with pocket universes, memory parasites, intergalactic governments, and the Devil. With its limitless scope, Rick and Morty have been able to avoid one of the easiest traps to befall animated shows, the dilution of characters, yet Rick and Morty is able to expertly deliver simultaneous bursts of comedy and imagination as well as gut wrenching emotional development in its characters. This show is a gem, both poignant and crazy, it's something I definitely recommend you check out.

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