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Short Story

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Seeing Rick Riordan

Legions of fans assemble around the world to flock his latest book, but a few local fans got the chance to see him in the flesh and blood. That's right demigods and magicians. Rick Riordan came to Toronto and I'm here to give you the full scoop.

The event took place at the Bloor Street United Church as part of Riordan's book tour of the final installment of the Heroes of Olympus series, the Blood of Olympus. At the event, there was all kinds of swag from Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter t-shirts, bracelets, and signed copies of the Blood of Olympus. All this made the evening a one of epic fan-girling from the minute we stepped in.
Before Uncle Rick came out, fans got the chance to write down questions on a card that would be read and answered by Rick Riordan.
But the most exciting moment was when Rick Riordan himself- in the flesh and blood- stepped out behind the door and walked, smiling and waving to fans, to the stage. Riordan proceeded to make the event a special one. He shared some hilarious storied from his own life, highlighting the unique- and hilarious- journey he took to create Percy Jackson's world. He then proceeded to make some special announcements. He announced a new book and we were the first ones to hear about it and now I'm sharing it with you.

He is writing a sequel to Percy Jackson's Greek Gods entitles Percy Jackson' Greek Heroes, which will focus on the tales of the likes of Hercules, Perseus, Jason, and more. He also talked about his upcoming series, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard (we did an article on that- see here) and was keen to emphasize that it's not a coincidence the protagonist shares the same last name as Annabeth Chase, a prominent character in the Heroes of Olympus series. He even went on to reveal "minor spoiler alert"............................................................................. still here? Okay, he revealed that they are indeed related, but that's all he said. However, he said there are hints of this in the Blood of Olympus.

Finally, good ol' Uncle Rick capped the night off with us fans. He took the cards that we wrote questions on in the beginning and answered quite a few of them. He talked about which character he felt was underrated (he said Piper- the daughter of the Aphrodite is getting no love), how he gets his sass (he had no idea what we were talking about), and how he feels about Percy Jackson becoming the phenomenon it is (he still can't believe it). It was truly a memorable night and one that had to be shared. Meanwhile, read the Blood of Olympus, the conclusion to the Heroes of Olympus series #therewillbeblood.

Note: Haven't had time, but will update this article with photos and some exclusive footage of the night (phone quality), so stay tuned to get more about this amazing event.

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