Ridge Report Writing and Photography Contest

This year, you can submit a short story, poetry piece, and/or photography connecting to one of three possible themes. Your options are "Hush", "Bang", and "Click". Be as creative as you want!

Entries will be accepted starting Monday May 1st 2017

The deadline for entering is Friday May 20th 2017

First place winners in each category (short story, photography, and poetry) will have their entry published on the Ridge Report website and will be awarded a prize.

Click on each category to submit and know about the rules and requirements.

Short Story

Monday, August 21, 2017

Our Team - Ridge Report Exec

Sarah K
Sarah Kronenfeld (AKA Sarah K) is one of our well-admired co-editors. Our team was immediately impressed by her skills and awesomeness when she creamed us all at sexy Bananagrams back in elementary school. Now, she continues to impress us with the loud speaking voice she uses when debating during our Monday meetings. (Room 225, bring a lunch!) Sarah has extensive knowledge and opinions on world politics and history, and brings meaningful pizzazz to every article she writes. We are extremely grateful for Sarah K’s presence and commitment to our team.

Mia Semeniuk
IMG_2473 (1).JPGIMG_2480.JPG
Mia Semeniuk is one of the greatest grammar police of all eternity. This quality is often considered a dull one to obtain, but in her rare case it is not, since it landed her the role of co-editor. Some say that Mia has magical powers she picked up somewhere when she was in Hamilton, which help her maintain a busy winter season, balancing competitively figure skating with making multiple brownie platters for Meche (from the box). Mia also is Ridge Report’s star photographer, always getting the best angles, shots, and the most attractive pictures. Mia hopes that Ridge Report excels as much as she will excel in her own life.

Mercedes Clunie
Communications Director
Mercedes, more commonly known as Meche, is Ridge Report’s trusty communications director. She is a Senior student at Iroquois Ridge whose passions include dramatic arts, screenwriting and baking mediocre waffles with her buddies on the weekend. Meche’s Ridge Report journey has been a riveting one. She entered the club in her second year at Iroquois, sharing various new ideas with the club, including the introduction of a fashion column and booting up their fabulous Instagram. Mercedes is prepared to continue her Ridge Report career and create an even bigger, better, and more wonderful school newspaper.

Clara Mitchinson
Clara Mitchinson is Ridge Report’s secretary, and a great asset to our team. She has a flawless vocabulary and thoroughly enjoys literature in all forms. It is rumoured that Clara is half Vulcan. This rumour sounds ridiculous, but our star secretary's knowledge about Star Trek seems unfathomably thorough for a normal mortal, so we wonder if the gossipers might be telling the truth. Clara has a diverse array of musical talents on such instruments as the cello, the piano, the clarinet, and the instrument of awesomeness. She is very enthusiastic in encouraging possible achievements for Ridge Report, and consistently improves our team’s intelligence during our Monday meetings. (Room 225! Bring a lunch.)

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